Our Fur Family: A Brief Introduction

As we share glimpses of our lives in the PNW, you’ll hear the mention of a few furry friends who bring us laughter and unconditional love. These five family members teach us to live in the moment, savor our time outside, and never pass up the opportunity for a delicious snack.

So without further ado, here is a brief introduction to these irreplaceable family members.


Caroline Walker Evans Photography

The eldest of Meredith’s fur family, handsome rescue Pancho melted Meredith’s heart her first summer in Seattle. An avid birdwatcher and adventurer, he loves to perch on the windowsill and chirp at the Stellar Jays in the backyard. Even at 12 years old, Pancho continues to be an avid spider and moth hunter, ensuring our cottage in the woods is safe under his watchful eye.



Caroline Walker Evans photography


Younger brother to Pancho (from the same Seattle rescue organization), Oliver joined Meredith’s household one year after Pancho. Often mistaken for a ferocious lion until you get up close, Oliver loves to cuddle up for TV time and purr loudly during phone conversations.



image1The golden lady of the Charaba house, Ember is a rambunctious puppy trying desperately to be liked by Pancho and Oliver. She will gladly ignore her arsenal of puppy chew toys for the more refined taste of flip flops or leather boots. Like her pawrents, she is happiest outdoors.


20180218_074642Roughly the same size as Meredith, Sabot is a  super handsome Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. While he is not known for his smarts, and is clumsier than a baby water buffalo, he truly has a heart of gold. His favorite form of exercise is rolling in the grass, but he will gladly smother you on the couch during a late night showing of The Philadelphia Story – as long as you share the popcorn.


20171224_145206Fierce protector of the Estrada homestead, Lucy keeps a watchful post on all the happenings in the area. No squirrel goes unnoticed, and definitely no visitor unannounced. Once you have crossed the threshold from visitor to family, though, this loyal pup will happily show you the way to the kitchen. Lucy is a rescue.  She evaded scheduled euthanasia in the shelter , only to be diagnosed with Heartworms after we brought her home. Lucy defied the odds, though, and is 100% heartworm free and thriving today. Fiercely adored by “her” 3 little boys, the Estrada family couldn’t imagine life without her.


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