Heceta Head Lighthouse

OHeceta Head Lighthouseff the coast of southern Oregon, near the town of Florence, the historic Heceta Head Lighthouse continues to shine her brilliant golden light on the big blue beyond.  Despite being unnecessary due to modern advances in navigation, she still persists, every night, reminding us of a simpler, although certainly not easier, way of life.

I love light houses. I didn’t realize how much I loved them until my first weekend at Heceta. I think I could have been a keeper in another life, and this is the perfect place to dream of such a thing. Unlike most lighthouses still standing but no longer operational, you can get a true glimpse into the life of a keeper at Heceta20180210_114137.jpg Head. Not only are there historical tours filled with amazing facts, but you can actually sleep in the 120+ year old light keepers house! I have had the good graces of staying at this Inn in both img_2989.jpgSeptember and February. The best part is, staying at the Inn allows you incredible access to the light at night! There are no words to describe the feeling of standing on that cliff,  the sounds of the black waves crashing below,  watching golden beams of light pass over a starry sky in perfect rhythm.  And if this wasn’t enough reason to go, the Inn offers exceptional breakfasts prepared by culinary experts included with your stay. Both visits, I chose to stay in one of the smaller rooms, as soaking in a clawfoot tub with a view of the beach is an opportunity I cannot pass up. 2018-02-10_171412330609654066254.jpgAside from the scenic beach that is a short walk from the Inn itself, the area is also home to some of the most picturesque hiking trails and coastline in the Pacific Northwest. This includes Devil’s Churn, Thor’s Well and the breathtaking view at the top of the climb at Cape Perpetua. You may want to check weather and tides before planning your hikes, as Thor’s Well is only visible when the water adequately covers it.20180210_145232 There is also a visitor center at Cape Perpetua that you can drive to, but the intense climb up is so beautiful it makes the view at the top seem all the sweeter. Heceta Head will be a favorite destination of mine my entire life through, and if you have not been.. well… what’s stopping you?!


Brenna Estrada

Read the book, plant the flowers, take the trip, and always have the courage to be kind.


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