Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Child to child, eye to eye, we grew as one, sharing souls. Wing by Wing.

Leaf by leaf, you left his world, you died before the child. My friend, the Wild.


There are only a handful of books I would consider to be my favorite reads. And by favorite, I mean books that evoke such intense emotion or hold my attention so steadfastly, that I will assuredly re-read them again and again through the years. This one, to my initial surprise, edged itself in with absolute ease.

The story is set for the most part in the 1960’s. The main character is a young girl who grew up in the marshes of North Carolina. I cannot ascertain whether it was the writing, or the content itself, that had the initial grip on my attention, as both attained my opinion of perfection with modesty and admirable grace. I love all things nature, and author Delia Owens knows more than enough about this subject matter to give the kind of authentic details that leave you gifted with sharp and vivid pictures as you read. Her writing is neither trendy, nor cliché, and although the story evolves around the traditionally sentimental subjects of love, loss, longing and survival, THIS story has not been told. At least not in any books I have read. I empathized with the character on so many different levels it was hard not to form a deep emotional attachment . The supporting characters and places are brought to life with such clarity and ease that you forget you, yourself, are not actually part of the town. The author takes you through the difficult moments and tricky turns with enough script to evoke thought and empathy, but not so much as to leave you deeply bothered. The ending was a delightful surprise and I truly enjoyed everything about it. I always worry when I begin a book this strong that I will be let down in the last few pages, but this one keeps a steady pace all the way through. Well done, Delia Owens. I can’t wait to read what you come up with next!

Brenna Estrada

Read the book, plant the flowers, take the trip, and always have the courage to be kind.

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