Bridal Veil Falls

You would think (given that I grew up in the ’90s) that I would know better than to go chasing waterfalls.

But there is something so majestic and incredible about standing at the base of a waterfall: hearing the roar of the water over the rocks, feeling the mist in the air, seeing the course that water has taken over unlikely landscapes… It’s unbeatable.

Pair that with a lush green forest view from a magnificent height, and it’s more than just a waterfall; it’s a Pacific Northwest exclusive.


My first hike to Bridal Veil Falls did not disappoint. Walking up the trail through the woods, with the light peeking through the tall, thin trees, I was in awe. (Let’s keep in mind here that I grew up on the flat, grassy plains of Ohio).

Seeing evergreen forests with water moving through them, weaving the story of the natural landscape of the Pacific Northwest… That’s something I could never take for granted.

Once we emerged from the forest to the falls, we were able to admire the views, from the waterfall above to the landscape below.

And since it is a smaller waterfall, you can get close to the cliff side and feel the moving water (chilly though it may be!).

We were lucky to go on a day that it was not too crowded; only a few other people were enjoying the peaceful serenity of the landscape. We had packed a picnic lunch, which we enjoyed on the large rocks to the side of the falls while we took in the sights all around us – from the soothing flow of the water to the forest greenery, and the crisp mountain air.


Being in this magical place also reminded me that I have an amazing partner for all my adventures, big and small. There’s just something about exploring and seeing the natural beauty of the place that you call home with the one that you love. At least for me, it’s the greatest reminder to be present and grateful for what you have.

So whether it’s a best friend, a spouse, or a parent, we recommend charting a course with someone near and dear to your heart, and exploring more of the PNW we are lucky enough to call home.

And once you’ve decided where you’re going, tell us! We want to hear what hike is next on your list.

Meredith Charaba

Grab a friend, pick a direction and go – a magnificent adventure awaits.

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