A Workshop for the Soul: Making Wreaths and Spreading Kindness

We are lucky to live in an area that has an incredible community of small businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives who share a passion for what they do. They also lift up others in the community, with compassion and generosity. And it’s definitely the season for it.

 When Marryn of The Farmhouse Flower Farm posted an Instagram giveaway for two tickets to Twig and Vine’s wreath making workshop at Hazel Blue Acres Farm, she encouraged entries based on the following: “Do you have a friend who could really use some cheering up? Do you know a mom who rarely takes time for herself that could use a break or a friend that is going thru a rough time that could use some holiday cheer? I love spreading kindness & joy to others so I’m kicking off the holidays early this year and giving away 2 tickets to Twig and Vine’s Classic Wreath Making Workshop on Saturday December 1st.”

Meredith, Brenna, Marryn, Deanna
Brenna was quick to nominate me for the giveaway. What Marryn didn’t know when Brenna nominated me was that my dad, battling terminal cancer, had just moved into my house and transitioned to hospice care. To say I was going through a rough time was an understatement. Scrolling through Marryn’s Instagram, seeing her beautiful flowers and open, honest approach to living her dream was inspiring. It brightened my day, though I genuinely didn’t think we had any chance of winning her giveaway. So, you can imagine my surprise when she announced that Brenna and I won two tickets to the wreath workshop.IMG_6198

My dad passed away the same week.

It’s hard to tell this story without explaining that. Believe me, I tried. But separating the two felt dishonest. The reality is that The Farmhouse Flower Farm and Twig and Vine provided a brief moment of peace and festivity in a time where I didn’t think I would be able to find any.

PhotoEditor_20181202_232500002[1475]Usually, I start celebrating Christmas on December 1st. The shorter days, combined with the prevalence of festive lights, hot apple cider, holiday music, and Hallmark movies instantly puts me in the Christmas spirit. But I genuinely wasn’t sure I would be up for celebrating this year.

Attending the workshop changed that. It gave me two hours with a specific focus: creating a holiday wreath using beautiful, local materials. Blueberry branches from Hazel Blue Acres, noble fir, spruce, cedar, eucalyptus, juniper berries, lichen, and more. The spread was gorgeous and plentiful. With the pine, eucalyptus, and juniper berries, I was able to pull together a palette of blues and greens that felt serene yet festive. The whimsy of the eucalyptus added an element of surprise to the wreath, eschewing the expected in favor of something more unique. Something my dad would have loved.

Tonie Christine Wedding Photography

The holidays can be a time of incredible celebration, but they can also be difficult. We may be missing loved ones, or struggling to balance work and family, or even just finding ourselves in a funk we can’t get out of. It’s important that we give ourselves grace during this season, and find peace where we can.

PhotoEditor_20181202_232713743[1474].jpgFor me, that peace came from a holiday workshop, crafting a beautiful wreath, surrounded by an incredible community of women who raise each other up. A community we are incredibly grateful to be a part of. We hope you can make time this season to spread kindness, give yourself grace, and find peace.


Meredith Charaba


Grab a friend, pick a direction and go – a magnificent adventure awaits.

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