And so the tradition begins…the Wreath Workshop with Twig & Vine

PhotoEditor_20181202_210607863[1477].jpgThe Christmas wreath is rich in history, yet above all, it is universally known as a symbol of welcome, warmth and guaranteed hospitality. Displayed on the front door, or perhaps even above the hearth, it is a traditional centerpiece that brings a sense of sentimental reassurance each time our gaze falls upon it. From pine, fir and cedar to eucalyptus, bare branches and holly, each and every wreath can be as unique as the family whose home it adorns. And, what better way to find the perfect wreath than to make it yourself? All you need is a few basic tools and a good assortment of greenery, right? But what if you find yourself lacking in a ready supply of evergreen foliage, or perhaps, you simply don’t know where to start?

We were recently blessed with some true Christmas cheer, when Marryn of The Farmhouse Flower Farm invited us to join her for a wreath making workshop put on by Deanna of Twig and Vine.  These beautiful souls are both flower farmers and moms of boys, so truly near and dear to my heart from the start.


Meredith, Brenna, Marryn, Deanna

We couldn’t have been luckier to find ourselves in their company for such a wonderful event on the very first morning of December. This workshop came at a much needed time for us both, but, particularly for Meredith. We wanted to give you the true feel and image of the workshop itself, as we can’t recommend it enough, but, Meredith was inspired to write a little different insight, with what this experience meant to her. We hope you enjoy both takes on what was a wonderful day we will always remember. PhotoEditor_20181202_211645227[1483]The workshop took place on Hazel Blue Acres in a fantastic old barn, so right from the start the mood was a cheery one. Our farm hosts were gracious and full of laughter, wit and warmth ensuring our return to the farm next year for blueberry season. Twig and Vine filled the barn with perfectly prepped workspaces, laying snips to one side, the wreath frame at center sight, and a fresh wrap of wire ready to go. PhotoEditor_20181202_210709519[1533] There was warm coffee, cider, treats, and all the greenery you could hope for. Everything was meticulously arranged with the embracing warmth of having wandered into a flower shop of evergreens. For the traditionalists, there was a generous supply of noble fir, pine, cedar, juniper and holly. There was boxwood, salal, and 3 varieties of eucalyptus, bringing in shades of silvery blues, wispy paper leaves, and those swaying stems that add so much elegance. And then there were my personal favorites, blueberry, huckleberry and alder twigs giving both a peek of color and unique varying texture. PhotoEditor_20181202_232940756[1473].jpgDeanna began the workshop by covering the basic steps before moving on to where to place your accent pieces, how to add embellishments, and the options for finishing touches. She then set us free where we merrily brought our imaginings to life. It’s a wondrous thing to see how each wreath uniquely reflected its maker. All the same ingredients, yet no two wreaths were alike. You can’t help but be a little in awe to see the beauty of the same boughs and branches through the eyes and imaginings of others. The energy from Deanna, Marryn and our fellow wreath makers during this time was loving and serene, and the smiles couldn’t have been more genuine.PhotoEditor_20181202_214435930[1476].jpgAs our immediate supply stock diminished, Deanna’s helpers were quick to refill and lend a hand in wire wrapping or bouquet positioning if needed. There were several spools of beautiful ribbon to choose from for the finish, but I opted for a small bouquet of pine cones instead. Did I mention they do the entire clean-up for you? So the only sap you are left with removing is the bits on your hands and possibly in your hair. PhotoEditor_20181202_210512890[1479].jpgIn all, the workshop was incredibly well organized, meticulously put together, beautifully presented and an absolute joy to attend. And although, I now know how to make a wreath on my own, I am still looking forward to making this an annual affair. If you missed the classes this year, be sure to sign up early next year. They sell out quickly! Happiest of Holidays, dear friends and a huge thank you to Marryn and Deanna for making or Christmas a little brighter this year.


Brenna Estrada

Read the book, plant the flowers, take the trip, and always have the courage to be kind.

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