About Us


Blissfully married and deeply rooted, Brenna resides north of Seattle in Washington State. She is the mother of three imaginative boys, as unique to each other as they are inseparable. Add a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, a German Shepherd, a Pitbull and 5 chickens to the family and you have a very full house.

Brenna has lived in the Pacific Northwest the majority of her life. She served 5 years in the United States Marine Corps, and spent many years as a 911 dispatcher, before finally finding her way to Floret. It is her true dream job, and fills her soul with genuine joy every time she steps foot on the farm. Italian by heritage, Brenna also loves to cook and bake. A member of Search and Rescue, she is a truly adventurous soul, and takes advantage of every opportunity to be outdoors.


Genuinely passionate about literature and writing, she is a serious bibliophile and enjoys being lost between the pages of a good book just as much as being lost among the pines.

When not hiking, reading, or in her garden, she is often out running, and has completed 2 full marathons and 14 half marathons in the past few years. Running does not come easy but she enjoys the challenge it provides and is always striving to improve her personal best. A genuine lover of animals, nature, and flowers, Brenna feels incredibly lucky to call the PNW home. She looks forward to sharing it’s beauty with her readers with a focus on moments, places and people that inspire happiness and a peaceful perspective.


Hailing from a small town in Ohio, Meredith forged a path to the Pacific Northwest with a one-way plane ticket and a fashion marketing internship.

This adventurous spirit, and a series of fortunate events, led her to meeting her husband, who gladly took on the role of fellow adventurer. It was through weekend adventures, where one of them would pick a direction and go, that Meredith discovered the beauty and wonder of the Pacific Northwest. From mountain trails to lush forests, the possibilities were straight out of a fairytale. Now settled in a lovely forest cottage in Washington, Meredith is happily raising her two cats and golden retriever.

Throughout all these adventures, a remaining constant in Meredith’s life has been her love of writing. The feeling of seeing a blank page filled with ideas is incomparable (and yes, she still hand-writes much of her work in a spiral notebook). When she is not hiking through the forest or scribbling her thoughts on a page, you can find her curled up with a good book and a glass of Washington wine.

Meredith+Brenna-98Meredith has truly fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest. With a sense of awe and wonder, she can’t wait to share more of the incredible place she calls home.